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Broken lock lever on accessory table

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  • Broken lock lever on accessory table

    Does anyone have a solution for a broken lever (black plastic?) that locks a bt3k accessory table to the front rail?

    I had someone contact me asking if I had such a part and unfortunately I donít without removing it from a serviceable accessory table, in effect putting my table in an unusable condition. I checked several parts sources and the lever is not available.

    it may be possible to remove the lever and perhaps other parts and replace them with a screw, nut, etc to do the same function but it appears that it would have to be left hand threads unless the locking bar could be rotated to work with RH threads.


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    I don't recall this specific part, and don't have a BT3 any more. Is this one of those levers on a bolt type of things?


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      If this were my situation, I'd contact the nearest Ryobi Authorized Service Center and have them order the part for me. The Ryobi web site can provide you with a look up function for service centers. I ordered a Ryobi part for the riding mower on 08/09/18 from the service center and it was ready for pickup the next day. That's pretty fast and it might take longer for something as old as a BT3K part.
      Jim Frye
      The Nut in the Cellar.


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        I found a source for the locking handle on the bt3k accessory table. It is a seller on eBay who is also on this forum - Larpower1. I provided contact info to the guy with the broken lock handle so he can get his part.

        I still think that the handle can be replaced by a screw or nut and adjusted wi5h. A nut driver or socket wrench but that is another venture to be put on the bottom of a long list as repl@cement parts are available.