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BT3k bevel lever won't go all the way to the right!

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  • BT3k bevel lever won't go all the way to the right!

    I adjusted the bevel angle on my saw blade, did my cut, then went to set it back to 90 degrees. I can't get the lever to go all the way to the right to engage the tilt mechanism. It's been finicky the last few times I changed the angle. I tried setting it back to the left, raising the blade a touch, then throwing the lever back to the right, but it seems to hit a stop half way over. I thought it actually went a little farther than that before stopping, but now it's definitely just halfway.

    What gives?!

    Should I be calling Ryobi for help?
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    Several of us have run into this and there is one link in which we discussed it:

    PLEASE note that at the beginning, I thought I had fixed it but only part of it. There is more to it down around the 5th or 6th post. Read the whole thread before attempting to fix yours. IF it doesn't do it and you have more questions, please post them. More than likely, in reading your post the allen set screw in the handle is loose. Simply tightening it at this point is not the best thing to do. You need to make sure everything is aligned and then tighten the set screw

    Joey made another comment close to the end in which I quoted in reply. the BOLD in his about the large nut being loose is also part of the problem. It takes reading the whole thread to fully correct the issue.
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      Ok, I figured a couple things out!

      First, I didn't realize I could pull the wheel and lever towards me to help engage the bevel adjustment! Doing that, I could get the saw back to straight! And that means I can use the mild temperatures today to get some progress before it goes into the 40s for the next week (no garage heat...).

      Second, I was struggling to find the set screw, then I realized there was a hole on the lever that must be where it goes. And that means I've lost my screw. I didn't see it numbered on the exploded parts sheet, but I got the size from Ryobi: 1/4-20 x 3/8. Once I get the lever working right, I'll put temp Locktite on the threads so I don't lose it again.
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