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How much would you pay for a brand new out of the box BT3000?

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  • How much would you pay for a brand new out of the box BT3000?

    There is a local fellow selling a brand new out of the box BT3000. Assuming all parts are there and it is what he says, what would you offer? He is asking $240

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    You can find them quite a bit cheaper used, but that seems like an OK price for a new one. I'd probably offer him $200 and see what he says.

    The dreaded shim issue would be enough for me to be wary of paying too much for a BT3000... but maybe I overestimate that problem as I've always had the 3100 which fixed the issue.


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      I for one, prefer the 3000, even with the shim problem. I now how to fix it simple enough. The 3000 seemed to have a few sturdier features than the 3100. (I have both). I also like the stand of the 3000 better too. I had some problems with the SMT on the 3100, granted a rare problem, but I had a 3000 to compare it to, so I know it was a mfg problem. Not many had that and I did fix it. The adjustment handle seems flimsier on the 3100 also. If you haven't had a 3000, you won't notice it. The early 3000s had switch problems for some though, and Ryobi has responded to everyone who makes an enquiry with a new replacement switch.

      That said, for a new one, it would be worth $240, IMHO.
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        I paid $250 for my NIB 3100 when HD clearanced them out about 10 years ago. I thought that was a great deal them and I still do (even if I am looking to upgrade). There is no table saw close to the value of the BT3xxx series and there are no decent table saws under $600 anymore.

        I'd offer $200, but would be happy to pay $240.


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          I too have the BT3100 which I paid $250 for when it was on clearance back in 2005. A year or so prior to that I started reading the positives of the BT3 series here on this forum.

          While I don't have a BT3000 and in fact have never seen one up close and personal, I do love my 3100. Based on what I have read here on the forum, I don't know that I'd call the shim issue a real problem. Enough information to fix it, so I wouldn't consider it a big issue. Other features seem to indicate that a brand-new BT3000 is an excellent buy at $240 if in fact it is complete. In today's market, finding a decent table saw would be highly unlikely at anywhere near that price...even used.

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            In 1999 I paid ~$475 for mine. Considering parts support is drying up I think $240 is still a fair price for like new condition.
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              These things I can think of as issues:
              • If its real old it has the 13A motor that was about the first two years which would have a name plate date code like 92xx or 93xx All models since then have the more desirable 15A motor.
              • Shims. If they haven't dried up then you need to lube them right away. It'll be deamn near 20 years old.
              • Switch (green and red pushbutton recalled) - but you can still get the replacement rocker switch them replaced free from Ryobi.
              • Parts are beginning to become an issue but probably can be managed
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                Well...demand is still high, I called the guy same day to go look at it and he had already sold it for more than he was asking.