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  • A newbie with questions......

    Thanks for looking....Hi, My name's Gerry, from Long Island , NY...I have had the 3000 for a couple of years now, and all I ever used it for was to rip and cross-cut....never really took advantage of what more the saw might do.....I am now in the process mounting a Ryobi 160u under the acc I really dont need a dedicated table for routing, I dont do woodwork as a full time hobby (yet) question is about the fence.....I noticed it has 3 slots built into it....1 narrow one on the inboard (blade) side, 1 on top, and 1 narrow and 1 wide on the outboard side.....What accesories are these for ?? (if any) ?? The gent I bought it used from doesn't really know, but I know someone on this excellent site will have an answer.... Thanks in advance, and hoping everyone has a safe and joyous holiday ! God bless America, and our troops who protect us !!!

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    they can be used for anything you want them to be used for.
    The Ryobi "user kit" that was originally offered with the saw as an optional accessory had T-nuts that fit the slots. The site has a BT3000 section that also has T-nuts for the slots. Or you can make you own with some aluminum strips from the hardware store cut to length and width and tapped appropriately.

    What they are used for, primarily I have used the ones on the left side for attaching long rip fence extensions, tall rip fence extensions and sacrificial rip fence attachments ( with the dado partially buried in the fence). And even stop fences.
    You can use the one on top for holding various hold downs and DIY fence attachments. THe ones on the right I think some are for use with the router mounting kit fence parts, but obviously you can do anything you want with all three slots when making jigs.

    When mounting you router, the router mounting kit comes with a rear clamp for the accessory table to keep it from shifting when doing fence operations. If you don't have the kit you should find a way to lock the rear of the table. If you are just doing bearing guided operations, its not so important.

    Oh, and welcome to the site.
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      Welcome to the forum Val! The BT is a great saw and can easily help you get into woodworking. It is very highly customizable and you will find that its capable of doing quite a bit. I used to live about 10 miles north of you in another life. Sure don't miss the snow ;P
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