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    Originally posted by LinuxRandal View Post
    Other that price, and possibly the packing, I don't know what is the difference between Freud's SD206 and SD306.
    The main difference between 206 and 306 is the number of teeth (10 for SD206 and 24 for SD306). The other differences (beside the box) are the hook and top bevel angle (don't remember the actual numbers). They both can cut up to 13/16.

    SD506 has 20 teeth and the same angle as SD206 but it comes with a 3/32 chipper for those undersized plywood.

    The 600 series are the dial type (not the 500). Don't know much about them except that they are expensive!!
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      Originally posted by Ishmel View Post
      Has anyone tried (or heard of) the freud SD306 set? What's the difference between that and the 200 or 500 series?
      I have the SD306. The outside blades leave a slightly deeper cut on just the outside edge of the dado. This has neve been a problem since I do not ever leave dados exposed in my finished work. It does however make set up purely trial, measure, and adjust. My outer blades have 24 teeth each and chippers are 2 tooth. 3/32" chipper is not included in the set but I've found that you can special order a 4 tooth 6" chipper of that width and it has worked fine with my set YMMV.
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