Useful website for watching prices on Amazon.

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    Useful website for watching prices on Amazon.

    Some time back We had a discussion on Forstner bits and I was convinced to buy the freud set of 16 bits.

    It was $226 on Amazon at the time and I recall it had been lower even in recent times.

    I used the Camelcamelcamel price alert website and set an alert on that item for less than $206.
    I got an alert for $203 and got it saving $23 for being patient and using

    Among other things it has a price history chart and you can see if its been lower recently and how volatile it is. The more volatility means likely to have a price drop soon. I believe that Amazon has a bot that tracks hits on their website for certain products and adjusts the price up and down depending on the purchase rate per hit to try and find the optimal price point. I imagine they can actually keep track of who looks at the item and if they show repeated interest but don't buy they can lower the price for that user to tempt him. That's a suspicion but I don't know.

    Click image for larger version

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    Tracking this Fisch set of brad points.... As you can see it was $30+ recently but it looks like it'll be $26 for a while.
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