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    After 57 years of 4 light bulbs in my basement (now PENDING shop) I purchased these for $29.99 a month or so ago.

    Hykolity 6 Pack LED Shop Light 4FT, T5 Integrated Single Fixture, 22W, 2200lm, 6500K Super Bright White, Linkable Shop Light, Utility Shop Lights, Corded Electric with Built-in ON/Off Switch

    and the connectors to extend distance between them...

    6 pack of bulb/fixtures with 2 screws (@) to install a simple clip mechanism to anchor to ceiling.

    Highly recommend to all of you. Cannot ever return to the dungeon lighting that was there before. Just tell SWMBO that it reveals the spiders and you are guaranteed funding

    Harrumph I say!
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    Having a lot of light in the workshop is a real joy, I agree.
    6500K is a bit on the very very hot white side for me. But other people claim they like it.
    See the lighting color poll
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      I bought a set very close to the same lights as yours about 2 years ago and they "daisy chain" together well and provide ample light. One side of my small shop has those daisy chained and the other has 3 dual bulb lamps; the singles daisy chained give every bit as much light.
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        Looks like those are 2200 Lumens each, for a total of 13000 lumens? Wow, that must be some bright space now! How large is your shop?

        I have a 18x20 2-car garage, and I use those LED bulbs of ~1500 lumens each for a total of less than 6000 lumens, and I have been sorta-happy with it. And these are 5000K bright.
        Of course, my actual workspace is right underneath the bulbs, and it does not shine well in the corners, but I keep the garage door open most of the times so I have not really thought of upgrading, as yet! Maybe I can supplement with another set at a distance.
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          NIce, I'll have to look at those in more detail. I have a 12 x 20 shed with a gambrel roof which affords me a higher ceiling and storage space on each end. Last year I took out the two florescent shop lights I had in there and installed these which are LED strips in two frosted plastic tubes and a metal reflector.

          They look very much like my old florescent shop lights but of course are longer lasting and come on instantly without buzz. They are instantly to full brightness and emit about 4,100 lumens per fixture. At $89 for a 4-pack and a 7-year warranty, I thought it was a good deal. I opted for the 4,000 K rather than the 5,000 K as they are less glaring to my eyes. They also plug into one another on one end.

          I hung them end to end on the two lateral stringers that tie the front and back walls together. However, under the lofts on each end I need some additional lights and yours look ideal for those positions. One over my router station and the second back by the entry door would work great. So, thanks for posting this.

          If I get a chance over the weekend, I'll take a picture and post it.

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            I will add a second part to "good lighting": Painting the inside of the shop, doors, and shelves a light color. That makes a huge difference in the amount of light needed.
            Hank Lee

            Experience is what you get when you don't get what you wanted!


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