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  • Shout out... Wall Lumber

    The truck just arrived.... oh man. This wood is beautiful!!!!!!

    good wood. Good prices. Good service.

    I'll be back for sure.

    if any of you are looking for a good wood source, two thumbs up.

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    I assume (after googling), that's

    Do they deliver? How does that price out?
    It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it.
    - Aristotle


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      Yup - @ web site.

      I ordered one of their 20 BF project packages.

      I priced them against my local providers and woodworkers source.

      My delivery came overnight via FedEx.

      Was a little concerned going in blind, since Hickory can be hit/miss.

      I'm exceptionally pleased.

      The other benefit I see is that Wall's climate is similar to mine ---- so there's less change for the wood.

      When I lived in Southwest Colorado, I would have been more likely to go local - primarily since my weather conditions
      were pretty unique.


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        Originally posted by durango dude View Post
        Yup - @ web site.
        I priced them against my local providers and woodworkers source.
        Just checked out their price list. It's been a couple years since I've bought bulk hardwood, but the source I've been using (not sure if he's around anymore as he hasn't been on Craigslist lately. The pricing differs wildly between species... last time I bought red oak and maple it was about half of this price, but the cherry was about the same and Black Walnut was more expensive. Guessing shipping is a big factor here, so the more expensive woods are more "worth it" to go through a source like this.

        Thanks for sharing, always good to have options.


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          I had the opportunity to buy stock in distress sales when the economy took a crap, so I haven't been buying wood for about ten years. I recently had a friend commission a project from Wenge, and HOLY STICKER SHOCK BATMAN. I've got hundreds of board-feet of nice 8/4 and 10/4 Bubinga, around 9' long. I wonder if it should be kept in a safe. And I bought out a LOT of birdseye maple S2S for $2/foot.