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Ridgid replacement parts for "new" tools

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  • Ridgid replacement parts for "new" tools

    I've read a couple of posts now where folks have bought display models that were missing parts and then paid for replacements. You don't have to do this. If you call Ridgid and tell them you bought a display model and it was missing parts, they will send you the missing parts at no charge. At least they did when I bought my BS. I was missing the table insert and power lock key thingy. Heck, I broke the blade holder hooks off getting it home and they even sent me new ones of those for free (I told them I broke them off getting it home).

    So I don't know if I just got an extra friendly and accomodating customer service rep or not, but please call the company and see if they'll send you the missing parts before you spend money on them. I think Ridgid is more interested in you using and enjoying your tools more than the price you bought them at. If you think about it, HD paid them full wholesale price for the tool. When you buy it on sale, its HD's margins that take the hit, not Ridgid. So it makes sense to me that they would/should be willing to ensure you have a whole tool to use. The cost of the parts, in most cases, will be negligible to them.
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    I found them to most helpful. When I bought the display jointer, they shipped me a set of everything I wasmissing including new blades. I was very impressed.
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      I had the same experience dealing with Ryobi when I bought a display WDS1600 from Cummins.
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        I guess it depends on who you talk to at Ridgig/Ryobi who are now the same. I bought the last display of the Ridgid oss.belt/spidle sander and is was missing many small parts and the rep. said if it was in excess of $10, HD had to order it, as a new policy.
        I had ,years ago, bought a BS and jointer as displays and it was no problem, as you have said to get the missing parts. If you go to the Ridgid forum you can see the mixed results with CS.


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          quote:Originally posted by Andrew Benedetto

          I guess it depends on who you talk to at Ridgig/Ryobi who are now the same.
          Ridgid and Ryobi are not the same. They are two seperate and completely different companies. Ryobis' parent company, TTI, is licensed by Ridgid to build some of their products for them. These products are built to specifications supplied by Ridgid and their parent company, Emerson. What Ryobi and Ridgid do share is the same central parts distribution center.
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            I have purchased many display models over the years. Everything from bicycles, electronics to power tools. The one thing that you must do is make sure a "full manufacturers warranty" is going to be in effect. That being said the device being bought is required to be complete after purchase. This is because even though you are purchasing a demo you are still purchasing as "new merchandise" You shouldn't even mention to the manufacturers customer service that the device was a demo just that you purchased it from a legit dealer and that it is not complete. This is a pre arranged perk so the dealer does not have to send the unit back to the manufactuer and the manufactuer does not has to repackage and sell it as reconditioned. This helps with everyone in the chains bottom line!
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              Hi, I’m new to this site. I just bought a Ryobi WDS 1600 drum sander. Everything works....the feed belt is impossible to track and I think it is stretched. I only paid $100 and so I’m willing to pay a bit to upgrade it.

              Is there a place to buy OEM parts or is there a crossover part that will work? The Jet feed belt seems to be really close in size. I wonder if the feed belt I have now isn’t a jet belt, as it is 80grit sandpaper and the original is not sanded.

              Thank you for any help