portamate wood rack $20 at Lowes ymmv

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  • herb fellows
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    portamate wood rack $20 at Lowes ymmv

    Lowes has the Portamate wood rack for $19.99.

    In store only, depends on if your store has any.


    Good luck!
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  • capncarl
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    This looks like the Rockler wood racks that I got for Christmas last year. I don't think they were 6 shelves though, it took 2 sets to create wall full of shelves, and the price was about $25 / set. Really nice well designed storage system.


    • woodynoob
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      • Apr 2013
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      Thank you Herb! Ordered online for pickup at the store. Store called me to let me know to come pick them up!

      I paid $60 off amazon back in Feb....