Today is National Congressional Medal of Honor Day

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  • Today is National Congressional Medal of Honor Day

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    The first MOH was awarded March 25, 1863.

    Honor those who have earned it. Today is a good day to read a story or two of bravery. Pick a story and read it. There are 3511 more - similar in valor but every one a different story.
    Think of those who had the courage to sacrifice all for their country.
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    i have a couple of book recommendations if anyone is interested. Allen Mikaelian's "Medal of Honor" which I purchased back in 2002 when it first came out, and Frank Donovan's "The Medal", published in 1962. I was in my senior year at high school when the latter was published. I think I read it a year or so after. I bought it at a library book sale sometime in the 90's. Looking at the takeout dates stamped inside the rear cover, it appears to have only elevan take-outs in all that time.

    Both are very interesting, but neither lists all of the recepients and just browsing through them now I don't see Private Jacob Parrott, the first to be awarded, listed anywhere. Unfortunately, neither book provides an index either. The subject stories are more of a time and event historical writing.

    I've known many war vetaran's in my almost 79 years, several bronze and silver star winners, but never have I had the honor of meeting a Medal of Honor winner. I lost an Uncle on the USS Oklahoma​ at Pearl Harbor and soon after all my Uncles on both sides of the family enlisted, with only one failing his physical. I wasn't born until July 1944, and at the time my Dad was serving in the Pacific. One of the things I've learned is that whether family or friends, it is very rare that anyone talks about their experiences and such events are left only to the history books of which I have a great interest and a decent library.


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    Think it Through Before You Do!