Little League Baseball season again

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  • Little League Baseball season again

    That's my Grandson swinging (and in the case it was a strike, oh well), and his dad the coach on the side line third base side.

    My new camera with Pro Capture, its cool. It fills the buffer with sequential pictures while you hold the shutter button halfway, if the event happens and you press the shutter fully even after it happens it writes the last so many images to the memory card so you have in effect Pre-capture of the events prior to clicking the shutter.
    If you release the shutter without clicking it fully, it discards the buffered images so you don't waste a lot of memory.
    DSLRs can NOT do this because the mirror has to swing up before an image can be taken, but mirrorless cameras you can see the whole action all while buffering pictures since there is no mirror, you see the images are they are captured by the sensor.

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    The very next frame you can see he missed it (but good form!)
    Click image for larger version

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    Cool! Those Grandkid pictures are gold. We have something over 16 GB (10,500 of them) of grandkid photos and now that they are almost grown (20 & 16) the pictures are a delight to see and remember. I have the PC's screensaver program set to shuffle play the Pictures folder whenever the system goes idle. So every time you walk by the office, there's a different old photo displayed.
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