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    Hope everyone is doing well. I haven’t been spending much time in the shop but over the last two years I have really jumped back into photography, some landscape but mostly fashion and pinup. I recently had two different sets published in Retro Lovely including the cover photo.
    IG: @rslaugh_photography
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    No wonder you're spending less time on woodworking. Looks like some winsome subjects for photography there.
    Loring in Katy, TX USA
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      Once you get known a little bit in the modeling community it's amazing how easy it is to get subjects and now I have people coming to me paying for portfolio and magazine shoots.

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    Darn! All I ever got to photograph was gray iron and machinery and nothing ever lusty, just rusty!

    Think it Through Before You Do!


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      I grew up about 25 miles south of where you are (MD/PA border along I-83).

      I don't remember seeing women that stunning

      Then again - maybe I was just busy looking at the teenage version of the xx variation of our species.


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        Remember the drive in between Shrewsbusry & GlenRock right along 83?

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      My most recent publication was in 2012 ------ a cross-cultural perspective on the proposed benefits of e-learning.

      I should likely re-visit the topic, since COVID is a serious game changer in higher ed instructuion.

      I'm pretty sure we've lost 10% of our traditional clientele given the rising legitimacy of remote instruction.


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        Seems a bit more serious than this.