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Question about a camera drone

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  • Question about a camera drone

    I want to buy an inexpensive drone (~$200) just to play around. Have never used a drone but have been watching reviews on YouTube.

    I see most have the ability to use a flightplan/waypoints. My parents have a mountain (big hill)top cabin. If I'm parked at the base of the mountain and I tell the drone to fly to the top where their cabin is, is the software intelligent enough to adjust for altitude along the way--like stay 100ft off the ground the whole time--or will it crash into the side of hill? This also assumes I don't lose connection and it automatically flies home.

    Let's say I fly the drone manually up to the top once. Do drones have the ability to record their flight path so it can be repeated later?


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    I have a Bebop 2. The Parrot auto-flight software lets you put in the altitudes you want at each waypoint. Others let you set a distance from what its sensors see, but nothing in that price range is going to be that intelligent. The entered altitudes are good, but only as good as the mapped surface. Meaning that in my neighborhood, it stays exactly 60' AGL consistently (when set to 60 obviously). Running around some sand dunes that shift all the time, I managed to run it right into one. The craft doesn't know it's distance from ground, it knows it's altitude relative to the mapped ground level. Hope that makes sense.


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      The Bebop 2 is the front runner for me so that's good to know it can do that. Thanks, Paul


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        It's a decent little machine. I have a number of RC aircraft, and this one serves a good purpose for video plus it's agile enough to be fun too in sport mode. I set up the auto-flights from my iPad's big screen, then send them to the bird to go do it. There's also a very good follow-me mode. Here's my very first attempt at using that, it's so easy...