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  • Piano stand and bench

    My daughter wants to learn how to play piano so we bought her a Yamaha keyboard. We opted not to buy their wobbly folding stand and I didn't want to buy the wooden stand for $100 when I have some plywood leftover from the moving crates.

    It seems like all pianos and stands are at a fixed height. It's the bench and the foot pedals that need to raise/lower to accommodate for the keyboard height, right?

    Since she will have a piano teacher, my assumption is that I will need to have this setup for an adult and my daughter will sit on a book to raise her up and the foot pedal will need to go on a box or something so she can reach it. Am I on the right track?


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    A "real" piano has a fixed keyboard height (I'd have to measure or google what that is). A keyboard is a little more flexible... with the folding stands you can set them up to various heights. Most "permanent' stands would also have a fixed height, the same as a regular piano.

    I have both a Roland keyboard with a fixed stand, and a standard piano, and could measure heights if you want.

    How old is your daughter? Our boys started at age 5 and just used a standard, non-adjustable piano bench. She won't use the pedals much early on.


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      My daughter is 8 and she's a little over 4' tall. Good to know about the pedal not being an issue right now.

      Yes, can you please measure your piano's height from the floor to the top of the keys? Seems like they are ~ 28".

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    29 1/2” to the top of the keys, 18 1/2” to the top of the bench, measured from the carpeted floor. Make sure the keyboard stand doesn’t have anywhere for the student to rest their wrists while playing.......don’t want to encourage bad posture.


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      Found this via googling:

      "In terms of standard height: A Steinway large grand piano I believe is 28 1/8" (71,5 cm) high from the floor to the top of the white keys. You could call that a standard.
      The hight varies for different makers, and pianos, with over an inch higher and lower than that.
      (My Yamaha upright piano is 28 3/8" [72 cm].)"

      Ii think that's the ballpark range to shoot for, anyway. I forgot to measure my own