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2018 blowing more chunks.

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  • 2018 blowing more chunks.

    Well on the positive side I found a doctor that's helping with my back and shoulder issues and is able to at least explain what's going on. Looks like I've got some damage between L4 and L5 rotator cuff. We're working on getting into physical therapy to try to fix some of this.

    unfortunately we've lost yet another family member. My sister-in-law called me it got awful o'clock in the morning Saturday morning to let us know that my father-in-law passed away. That makes 6 family members and one good friend that have all slipped away since March. I am sick and tired of all this and while I know it's the way life goes I could just use some more space between the deaths. It's just been a bummer of a year.
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    Wow! That's rough! Sorry for your loses. I hope your back improves.
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      I'm sorry that your woes are continuing and it is of course terrible to hear of so many family losses in just one year. My sincerest sympathies and I pray that everything will turn for the better very soon. The losses are no doubt stressful to everyone, and perhaps unbearable to some. I pray that you all get through this tragedy and that you all stay strong together.

      I'm sure the physical therapy will be helpful and that your back and shoulder issues will see much improvement.

      Stay strong, and may all be on the upswing soon,

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        Dave, my condolences on your losses. Keeping you in my prayers brother.
        Bill in Buena Park