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Well duh ------- a thinker and a straight edge

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  • Well duh ------- a thinker and a straight edge

    I called my friend to complain about the straight edge that I bought to build my picnic bench.

    The clamps get in the way, I complained.

    "Ummm...... Richard ----- which side of your saw are you putting on the straight edge?"

    "well left, of course..........."

    "Dude ---- try the right side........."

    Well ---- ummmm ----- okay ---- thanks.

    Sometimes academics think way too much to have tools in their hands.

    Turns out -the right side is much safer, too ---- I'm not leaning over the saw.

    Of course, I could have read the instructions, too ------ they're clearly printed in ChEnglish on the back of the package.

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    Whenever I do something like that it is usually my wife who points out the painfully simple solution, and then gives me that "how can you be such a moron?" loolk.
    An ethical man knows the right thing to do.
    A moral man does it.