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    I put a rubber o-ring in the collett to prevent the bit bottoming out.


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      Originally posted by durango dude View Post

      No soft-start technology --- it goes from 0 to 90 mph in a fraction of a second --- darn near whips the unit out of my hands!
      Some time in the last century, I bought a Bosch 3¼ hp (no soft start, no variable speed) when they first came out. When the switch went, it was a plug in to start until the switch got replaced. More than just whipping out of the hand, it motivated the whole arm and shoulder.



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        I just got the same router and cant find the manual anywhere online... any ideas?


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          Many of the older manuals were never published as PDF documents so your only option is to find a paper copy. Start with Ryobi customer service 800.525.2579 and if that doesn't work, eBay sometimes has these things come up. I was able to locate a manual for a 1960's radial arm saw. You may end up paying more for it than the router is worth.
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            Do you really need the manual or do you just want it? I don't know if I have mine or not. I have never needed it. I often try to hang onto the manuals to tools but almost never use them for anything.


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              Howdy all. On the question of 'how many routers is too many', I must confess that I'm guilty as sin...just double checked and I have a total of NINE routers. Ranging from a Colt all the way up to an older 3 1/4HP Makita 3612C. Don't bother asking me "Why?", All I'll say is 4 of them are mounted to semi-permanent faceplates that drop into my table saw/router table. The R-500 is a good router and I use it with my cabinet bits. It's cutting power is fine for what I use it for but the NOISE is (I have to admit) a tad scary.....sounds like my old Delta shaper which gives anyone pause before using it.


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                I have 3:

                a) Craftsman 9.5 amp (10 yrs old).
                B) Ryobi r-500 plunge
                c) Dewalt trim router, mounted in a rockler trim router table (great product, by the way)

                The Dewalt is the most handy. I have a chamfer bit on it most of the time for edging. Only down side is that it only accepts 1/4” bit shafts.

                Thw Craftsman is set up for my dovetail jig and sign jig. One of these days, I’ll figure out my dovetail jig.

                The R-500 is set up with a 1/4" spiral bit that is used primarily for mortises.

                Oh..... I’m thinking about a triton.

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                  Just upped the router count: inherited an old Craftsman 1hp 1/4"

                  Also have:

                  Bosch 1617 two-base set (I use this one the most)
                  Ryobi 1802 three-base set, motor permanently in the plunge base
                  Grizzly 1/4" trim router

                  I have way more than 12 clamps, so I better get to router shopping…

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                    1. Ryobi R700 Plunge Base permanently in the BT3K accessory table wing
                    2. Bosch 1618EVS Dhandle
                    3. Ryobi 1803 3 base set (does that count as 3 routers?)
                    4. Ryobi TR31 Trim Router
                    5. Ryobi P600 18 volt Trim Router
                    6. Dremel MotoTool with router base
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                      I've pared my router collection down

                      3x porter cable 690's. Not fancy but they get the job done
                      Triton MOF001 2.25hp which lives in the router table
                      Festool OF1010. Not a fan of this one and it is likely next to go.
                      Festool OF1400. Best router ever
                      Festool MFK700 trim router

                      And last as well as least Ryobi RE75 or possibly RE175. This was my first router and it's still going strong. The plunge is stiff doesn't lock in place and the depth stop is broken. Its the most comfortable to use of all of them.

                      An ethical man knows the right thing to do.
                      A moral man does it.