back in the BT3K fam...

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  • back in the BT3K fam...

    My first table saw was a BT3000 purchased new at HD and it provided a dozen years of faithful service. Alas the plastic tabs holding the sliding table in place broke and I gave her up earlier this year.

    I have missed my saw.

    I purchased a ShopSmith on CL and while it's a great lathe, it scared the #$^% out of me as a table saw (I never tried the drill press modes, but the sander is spectacular). I decided to go back to a dedicated table saw and couldn't afford to keep the ShopSmith for just a couple features when I could replace them for much less. (I bought a Rikon mini lathe on sale at woodcraft and it is great!)

    Last week, as if by Divine intervention, I happened across a BT3100 a couple of hours after it was posted on CL locally. I was the first caller and was finally able to pick up the saw today. Not only was it cheap and clean, it had hardly been used! The original blade is still sharp, the sliding table has never been unlocked, most of the hardware is still in bags; it's a real jewel!

    So anyway, I'm back in the family, sorry I left, glad to be here.


    "I lost my little saw and now I can't cope."

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    Welcome back!


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      Welcome back. You are going to like your saw, but then you already knew that. I was out in the shop a bit ago and was thinking that come January it will be 8 years for my saw.

      The chief cause of failure in this life is giving up what you want most for what you want at the moment.


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        No better feeling than finding a good deal on a hardly used tool.

        Welcome back.


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          Welcome back to the fold.

          Do you know about kickback? Ray has a good writeup here...

          For a kickback demonstration video