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  • And You Think Your Day Sucked

    Check this out.

    Almost makes me glad I'm still unemployed

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    Windows. Just say no.


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      (Many) Years ago, when I was working for IBM in Palo Alto, the local guys told of a Late-shift Systems Operator who came in one night and fired six .357 shots into a $2,000,000 Mainframe They fired him but didn't sue for the Mainframe

      I guess in 2008 he'd be on stress leave
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        Hmmm maybe i should send that to my IT guy!
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          my favorite is when the old guy throws his monitor into the neighboring cubicle (after the airplane assault) and then turns to finish typing his document

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            Having one of those "moments" in the shop at times has backfired where what I'm bustin' up winds up attaking me. Once the bleeding stops, I do feel better.



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              Originally posted by jwaterdawg View Post
              my favorite is when the old guy throws his monitor into the neighboring cubicle (after the airplane assault) and then turns to finish typing his document

              That was my favorite also.
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                I'm sending this to My Spouse, She is mad at least every day at the office. Bill


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                  My brother is now on some panic attack medication due to his current work conditions. The boss doesn't know the job (after a couple years) so all the boss has to occupy himself is giving the employees a hard time. My brother doesn't want to leave the job as he doesn't want to give up his current pay. Of course, I am trying to get him to leave...


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                    BTDT... Well not quite, but threatened to.

                    We had a terminal that accessed our inventory system on the mainframe... It worked fine. But then, IT brought in a PC with a terminal emulator on it.

                    It didn't work. Ever. But, IT interns would come once a month to update the programs on it with floppies for about 6 months. We would tell them it didn't work... but they could get their updates to install, that's all they cared about.

                    But one day we convinced them something was wrong... Their answer? they took the monitor (not the CPU, just the monitor).
                    One month passed. All we had was our old terminal, and sitting next to it, the CPU box and keyboard unuseable.

                    Finally, AFTER 6 MORE MONTHS, I called the guy in charge of IT at about 4 pm. (I work 3-11) I said "Butch. if you don't get somebody down here to remove this unit, I will drop it into the dumpster from here (2nd floor)."

                    Charlie, it's nearly 5 o'clock, I'll send someone down tomorrow to repair it." I told him the story of the updates and the monitor, and finished with, "It's now 4:50 pm If this unit isn't out of here or repaired today, you will find it in the dumpster."

                    About 5:15 one of the lackeys shows up, unplugs it and hauls it back to the offices 5 minutes walk away on foot.

                    Two days later, I get a call from Mr. IT.. ."Charlie, the unit's video on the motherboard was toast. It was out of warranty a few months ago.. you could'a pitched it."