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Making a bowl depth gauge

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  • Making a bowl depth gauge

    Using some shop scraps, I put together a simple bowl depth gauge based on the "cheater sticker" method of Reed Gray, aka Robohippy. Thanks for watching!
    Click image for larger version

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    Bill in Buena Park

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    Bill I have been meaning to make a dedicated bowl depth gauge so thanks for sharing. I must admit I may have missed the nuance however how is this better than just using a simple depth gauge?

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      Hi Jon. There is some guesswork - possibly catastrophic to the turning - when using bowl calipers or a simple "stick and dowel" depth gauge when turning bowls on a chuck in expansion mode into a recess/mortise:
      - Bowl calipers don't account for how far the jaws reach into the bottom or foot
      - and similarly with the simple gauge, you have to take the depth reading, lay the gauge alongside the bowl, eyeball the approximate depth from overhead, and guess how much of the remaining thickness is taken up by the jaws.

      With Reed's method, and hopefully as made more convenient through this enhanced gauge, you will always see directly - without having to eyeball and guess - exactly how much thickness remains until you cut through to the chuck jaws. With Reed's cheater stick and rule method, you still have to eyeball the thickness from overhead, but this enhanced gauge shows directly from the gap between the registration crosspiece and the PVC the exact thickness left. Also works for bowls mounted using a spigot/tenon in a chuck, or on a glue block (but a conventional bowl caliper works ok for these too.)

      I'm going to make a piece that can be used in place of the bowl crossbar with a smaller version that will work better for vases and smaller-opening hollow forms - next video.
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      Bill in Buena Park