Neat little project...

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  • KomaToast
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    • Aug 2003
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    Neat little project...

    I found this the other day, my wife likes them a lot and wants me to make some for presents.

    Simple an nice too, they look much better than the box version on the PSI site.

    I have some wood blocks on the way but my tiny little band saw isn't big enough to cut them.
    Maybe I can get a bigger band saw out of the deal after the wood gets here and I have no way to cut it.

    That's how I got my Jet 1236 last December, I glued up 6 segmented bowls to turn for presents then told her I couldn't turn them on my little Ryobi lathe, it was too small.

    We went to the woodworking show in Arlington and looked at the Jet lathes there, decided the mini was too small so I later ordered the 1236 online.
    To my surprise it came with a pen turning kit too, have yet to use that though but should soon.

  • kwgeorge
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    • Jan 2004
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    I have seen that article in a magazine and thought that was really neat.