At it again.

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  • kwgeorge
    Veteran Member
    • Jan 2004
    • 1419
    • Alvin, TX, USA.

    At it again.

    I kind of like my wife taking some classes at night because I get to sneak out to the shop during the week!
    I made a couple of things tonight; the first is a simple design Lacewood box. The grain on this wood is so busy that I decided not to add a finial of a different wood.

    The next is a request for a pen. This is for a very dear friend of mine whose boss has been recalled to Japan. She really liked this boss and asked if I could make him a nice custom pen. I had picked up some Mesquite about 5 months ago that had some really neat figure in it but it was very wet. It has been drying and I decided to try to make a pen out of it tonight. This picture is the same pen just different sides of it. The picture in no way does this pen justice with the figure in this grain.

  • sdmaker
    Established Member
    • Feb 2004
    • 287
    • St. louis, MI, USA.

    Beuatiful as always, That lace wood really has some neat grain. I have always wanted to get some to turn, One of these days. I have turned a few things from Mesquite, It also can have some very interesting grain to it. Your pens are beuatiful examples of this. but like you said for some reason its hard to catch that in a pic sometimes.
    Dave in Michigan


    • monte
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      • Dec 2002
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      • Paw Paw, MI, USA.
      • GI 50-185M

      Nice work!
      Monte (another darksider)
      Reporting Live from somewhere near Kalamazoo


      • boblon
        Senior Member
        • Aug 2003
        • 727
        • Florida, USA.

        Beautiful Ken. I really like Lacewood (although I've only had pieces big enough to turn pens out of).

        I see you haven't [u]yet</u> figured out a way to mount finials on your pens


        "Good judgement comes from experience. Experience comes from poor judgement."


        • kwgeorge
          Veteran Member
          • Jan 2004
          • 1419
          • Alvin, TX, USA.

          Oh BOB! Was that a DARE??????