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  • kwgeorge
    Veteran Member
    • Jan 2004
    • 1419
    • Alvin, TX, USA.

    Two for Tuesday

    I have been working on a couple of tutorials for a little while now and finished them tonight so I thought I would offer you two for Tuesday.

    The first tutorial is on how I make ornaments and how I hollow them out.

    The second is on making the small finials that I make on a lot of my projects.

    Let me known what you think.
  • Scottydont
    Veteran Member
    • Aug 2003
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    • Edmonds, WA, USA.
    • Delta Industrial Hybrid

    Very nice job Ken. You are inspiring me to try finials!
    "The Laminate Flooring Benchtop Guy"

    Edmonds WA

    No coffee, no worky!


    • Whaler
      Veteran Member
      • Dec 2002
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      • Sequim, WA, USA.
      • DW746


      Again you have outdone yourself. Where does it end; Me throwing my lathe out?


      • rja
        Established Member
        • Jul 2004
        • 422
        • New Kensington, Pennsylvania, USA.
        • BT3100-1

        Ken: Your tutorials are always an inspiration but you have outdone yourself this time. Thanks for sharing.


        • SteveR
          Established Member
          • Feb 2003
          • 494
          • USA.

          Cool...thanks Ken!!!


          • kwgeorge
            Veteran Member
            • Jan 2004
            • 1419
            • Alvin, TX, USA.

            I sure hope you don't Dick! I like seeing your work and talking turning with you!


            • boblon
              Senior Member
              • Aug 2003
              • 727
              • Florida, USA.

              Thanks bunches for these new tutorials Ken. First I was hoping you'd go into more detail on your finishing techniques...whalla...a tutorial on it.
              Now, just last week I found myself looking at one of your boxes and musing...."I wonder how he actually turns those finials?". Well, lo-and-behold........a tutorial on just that.
              Great job.
              I know it's time consuming to commit to putting those tutorials together with pictures and all....but I for one sure do appreciate it.

              "Good judgement comes from experience. Experience comes from poor judgement."


              • mudder
                Veteran Member
                • Jul 2003
                • 1532
                • I live in a house
                • Delta 36-650


                Great tutors.

                Your method of ornament making is unique, but it makes sense. Some other methods I have read about make little sense and seem overly complicated.
                Dude, you should make a tape of your adventures as you have exceptional ability to explain things so that they are easily understood.



                • Maax
                  Forum Newbie
                  • Oct 2003
                  • 61
                  • Yakima, Washington, USA.

                  As one who dosen't comment as often as I probably should, I need to thank you for your tutors. I am starting to turn more than pens and your suggestions and tutors, have been great in helping me move along slowly as I aguire tools and technique. So please keep up the great work, I've got a lot of catching up to do.


                  • sdmaker
                    Established Member
                    • Feb 2004
                    • 287
                    • St. louis, MI, USA.

                    Well done!! Must try an ornament, MUST TRY AN ORNAMENT, Ahh forget it its to cold out in the shop.
                    Dave in Michigan