DIY woodturning - turning metal

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  • SteveR
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    DIY woodturning - turning metal

    Woodturning basics on the DIY channel just ran a cool show about turning metal. Actually it was more like molding a flat aluminum piece around a turned wooden template. I had heard of the term "spun aluminum" before but had no clue what it was.
    Very short version: First the host turned a wooden bowl template, then took a round piece of flat aluminum and pressure mounted it between a mandrel and the template. Then centered the metal piece with a wooden stick tool (name I can not recall) then basically used a looong blunt turning tool called a "duck"? and formed the aluminum around and over the wooden template. It was fascinating to watch as the aluminum piece was formed over the mold. It seemed the metal was stretched over the template. The end product was identical to his bowl template. If you have DIY you may want to take a half hour out and check it out. LOML thought it was pretty cool too.
  • kwgeorge
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    Yeah! I saw that show this weekend, pretty cool stuff.