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    Hi guys!
    I found a new hobby for myself, woodworking and now I am choosing a lathe,https://reviewerst.com/woodworking/b...nd-midi-lathe/ they advised a RICO machine who works with this company, How is the quality of their products?

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    That probably is RIKON. Rikon is a good machine. I have had one for 14 years now. I had it shipped overseas when I lived there and had it shipped back. Still have it. It is not as expensive as the high end ones but not as cheap as the cheap one either. It is a good middle of the road lathe with quality better than the Shop Fox and Wen.

    The first thing one needs to look for in a good lathe wood lathe is the Morse Taper. (MT) You want an MT2. MT2 has a huge amount of options available for it. MT1s have enough to get started but limited options as compared to MT2. If you decide to sell it down the road, only a newbie at best will purchase it, as an experienced person will already have enough options to use an MT2.

    Second thing to look for is Variable Speed (VS). Watch it. Even major manufacturers will call their machines VS but that usually means that you have to stop the machine, change the belt on the pulley and go back to work. If you do this regularly, it gets to be a pain. ELECTRONIC Variable Speed or EVS is much more preferred. Even then, EVS comes on different forms. VFD Variable Frequency Drive gives much better control over speed but is much more expensive. EVS often has 3 belt speeds even though it is EVS - Usually with a speed of 600 - 1800 RPM; 1200 - 2400 RPM; and 1800 - 3200 rpm. So the EVS gives a set range of VS with each pulley setting.

    Third, Diameter 10" or 12" or 14". The max size bowl/platter you can turn. 10" is limiting for platters and even bowls but it does get one started. Most pen turners are well satisfied with 10" or 12" since 90% of their work is on pens that are 3/4" diameter and smaller.

    So, what do you wish to make? Bowls, Vases, Platters, Spindles, Pens?
    Hank Lee

    Experience is what you get when you don't get what you wanted!


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      I have had my little 10" Jet lathe for about 10 years but have not used it much. Lost a local job and went to work in the oilfield in Texas and was not home long enough to do anything but relax and see my family for a few days for 8 years. I retired in October and am getting back into woodworking. I turned a bunch of pens 9 or 10 years ago and the lathe was great. I agree with Lee, variable speed would be nice, I have to change the belt to different pulleys and it is easy, but turning a knob would be nice. I have the extension bed for it and it does everything I need, but I can see myself outgrowing it.