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Stanley 78 Duplex Rebate Plane

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  • Stanley 78 Duplex Rebate Plane

    Do any of the members here have any knowledge of how to date the Stanley 78?

    The 78' that I have is "Made in the USA" (cast into the iron) and on the same side on the upper part of the nose is "1U" stamped upside down. It's under the paint so I presume that was done in the factory. On the reverse side, at the very back of the machined surface and right below where the lower part of the handle is cast, are the initials "JS", which appears to be imprinted. Those initials are finely engraved, looking like it was scribed by a machine using a template. In other words, they are not done by hand, as if a previous owner had simply marked his initials.

    Any help would be appreciated and I can take a couple of pictures if it would help.


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    No response? I'm a bit surprised.

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      I have a 78 myself, Record if I remember correctly but not Stanley. I have no idea how to determine manufacturing dates for them.



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        From the book: Antique & Collectible Stanley Tools - A guide to Identify and Value - by John Walter it says;

        78 Duplex Plane
        Features: 2 seats for the cutter, adjustable fence and depth stop
        Manufactured: 1884 to 1984
        Dimensions: 8-1/2 inches long
        Cutter: 1-1/2 inches wide
        Construction: Cast iron
        Finish: Japanned
        Uses: Duplex, rabbet, and filletster plane.
        Average Price: $l5 to $25
        Type 1: $35 to $75 (1884 to 1908)


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          This got me going,I have a number of stanley but I have many with no maker marks.
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            Thanks guys,

            The dating of these is confusing, but I guess it doesn't really matter beyond my own curiosity. Like so many of the 78's found on the market, this was missing the depth gauge, fence, and spur. I found an antique depth gauge and thumb screw which fits perfectly. Got a fence and rod coming from England and I expect it sometime this week in the mail. I also found some spurs, but they don't fit this particular plane, but I'm sure I can file them down.

            A couple of places I read states that the newer handles had a fish scale patter on the handle, this particular one does not, it's more of a pebble look and the casting itself bears "No.78 MADE IN U.S.A." beyond that there is no patent or other dates. As mentioned in my initial post, there is an upside-down "1U" cast near the nose on the same side. That would make me think that it was in the 1920's or 30's, but the blade has the ever-familiar "Stanley" logo which didn't come into existence until 1935. Of course this could have been a replacement blade.

            At the same time and place that I purchased this, I also purchased a Stanley #3 Bailey. Again, no dating, but I am guessing by the lack of brass, it was probably made in the 1940's "war years". I've cleaned that up quite well and it cuts very nicely. The two planes were purchased for a total of $9 or so!

            With the purchase of the depth stop, fence and spurs I've now got about slightly less than $90 invested. Not bad, but then yesterday I see a listing for a "78" complete with box, instrucitions, depth stop and fence.... for about $65. No spurs, but looks like a nice deal, that I now don't need.

            Thanks again,

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