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Eagle Tools 14" Band Saw

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  • Eagle Tools 14" Band Saw

    I recently purchased a used 14" band saw (made in Taiwan) which was sold by a company named 'Eagle Tools'. It's not by the California outfit of the same name (at least I'm pretty certain it is not). It seems to be older. Probably manufactured in the 70's. Has anybody ever heard of them? I bought it wanting to buy a riser block for it to increase my resaw capacity. Now, is it my understanding that many of the Taiwanese 14" band saws use the same foundry? It looks similar to a Delta and/or Central Machinery 14" band saw, if not identical (moreso the CM). I see that 6" riser blocks aren't exactly cheap. I'd like to know (if anyone is educated on these Taiwan band saws) if a Delta or CM block kit would fit it? I've also read that the Grizzly G0555 riser block kit may fit Taiwan-built saws? I'm worried that I may have some model where the pins are set in some odd location where it would be hit or miss on what would fit it. So, I guess my question would be: Can I use any of the aforementioned brand riser blocks on my saw?