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AP-10 Planer Blade Setting

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  • AP-10 Planer Blade Setting

    Does anyone know what the measurement from the edge of the blade holder to the cutting edge of the blade is for the Ryobi AP-10 planer is in this picture. I know there is a setup gauge for the AP-10 but I don't have it and I need to install some new blades. Thanks

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    Mick, If I think about it later tonight I'll measure mine. However I thought it best to just start a new topic for this.
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      Thanks Black Walnut. If anyone has the blade adjustment gauge the measurement might be taken right off of it.
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        It looks like you can buy a new gauge here:

        Price is $6.99. I didn't check on shipping.



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          It's also available on Amazon

          with cheaper shipping and handling, BUT if I have the MEASUREMENT I don't need the gauge, I can set it up and measure it with dial calipers.



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            Here is the measurement from the guide!
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              measure zero, set right!

              I've got the AP 10 and it is still working hard after many many years. I strongly urge you to pick up one of the setting gauges, as it works well and instantly. It is worth the cost in time and effort.

              I tried resetting my blades without using it this past fall, and really messed up - burning the wood, heating up the blade holders, etc. It had been years since I changed the blades so I had to find the instructions online, dig out the gauge, figure out how it works, and reset them. Worked perfectly and very fast. The gauge holds them in place at just the right spot to install.

              If you can find a dust hood pickup for the AP 10 that will help too. That might be very hard to find though.

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                If you have a dial indicator you can set the blades to proper specs