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  • portable miter saw stands

    i have the older ridgid msuv, and love it, however, i'm thinking about getting something that is easier to store, and remove the ms from.

    any of you guys and gals have one like the below? doesn't have to be a bosch, just looking for reviews of setting up, taking down, adjustability, etc. anybody have a 12" slider with one?


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    I have a similar one as the picture from Delta. I think Lowes now carries it as a B&D Firestorm, but it is the same one they use to carry in blue. I just bought it because of a good price, but I have been impressed with it. I thought the skinny legs would be wobbly, but it is very solid. I like the infeeds/outfeeds which are adjustable for height and distance. I use it with a straight 10 inch, but it was very mobile the one time I had to take it to a friends house. The only difficulty with the one I have is the way the saw is bolted to "boards" that snap onto the frame, it makes it difficult to remove the saw by yourself without unbolting from the boards. Some of the brands may have an easier attachment/detachment method.


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      the sawhelper is the best mitersaw portable stand available, but being the best it costs a bit more. made in MN

      I think the bosch stand you are looking at is the same as the TracRac T3
      They make very nice stuff and it is made in MA

      I know some people like rousseau products
      made in WA
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        Then there's the Ryobi. Dewalt, Craftsman, Craftsman2, Denali and Delta similiar to the Bosch design above.


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          The Ryobi and the Denali look identical, (and if ANYONE WITH THE DENALI clamps could give me any company information, like a website), I am wondering about the brackets from one to another.

          The Ryobi, UNFORTUNATELY, does sell the brackets individually. So the few people that ordered them and got them as sets, were lucky.

          The DeWalt one, was on sale at Amazon, last time I checked for $149 and could hold a 12" slider. The Ryobi is only rated for a 12" cms or 10" slider. Spare brackets for ANY of them is something to check into prepurchase.
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            I have the DeWalt stand and love it. The saw snaps on and off easily and the sliding extensions make molding work easy. After looking at others, I would buy it again in an instant. I can't think of anything more I could ask from it.


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              Another Dewalt

              I have the Dewalt and am very satisfied with it also. I did check on an extra set of clips for other tools. They are available but they were not cheap as I remember.
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                ms stand

                I have the delta and it is one big job to remove the MS. the boards it is attached to are so hard to get free from the stand, due to the balance once the bolts are released. you have to have two people present