Value of Ryobi BS1001SV band saw?

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  • Value of Ryobi BS1001SV band saw?

    The local BORG has a Ryobi BS1001SV in the clearance section marked at $199. That seems pretty high. Any idea what a decent deal on this thing would be?


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    An even better deal, IMO, would be the Sears 10" BS. It retails for $149, but is on sale all the time, recently at $99. I only looked at the Ryobi a little bit, and from what I can remember, the Sears is a better BS for less. Of course, I have the Sears, so I may be biased...


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      The Ryobi BS1001SV's normal price is $199 at the BORG. I bought the last one they had in Kenai, AK (display model) for $75.00 because it was missing the stand and had a few minor broken parts. I spent $35.00 on parts including shipping and built my own stand. Now I have it working great. This bandsaw comes with roller blade guides for upper and lower blade support and the dust collection works great. they need to give you a better price than $199.00. Talk to the tool department manager of your local BORG.


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        I was also able to get this saw (Display Item) in almost brand new shape (Dusty) for $100. This one had the stand, only missing item was the dust bag (I didn't need it sice I will hook up to shop vac with seperator).

        I know it will serve my limited band sawing needs at a good steal. Was goin to get the Sears 10", but this one has gotten good reviews and I got it at a good bargain.
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          Finally got back by there today. They're sticking with the $199 price for now... What a contrast they are from the locally owned ace hardware I was in yesterday where my brother bought a couple of grills and negotiated a good price on the grills plus covers.