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    I started a new thread about visiting Berea, KY and Branson, MO. After I typed up my post, I clicked Preview, then from within the Preview window, I clicked Post and left my desk. I didn't actually see it post.

    I came back later and there was an error window from the forum--something about JSON--and I clicked a button (don't remember exactly what it was labeled) to make the error go away.

    It seemed I was still in editing mode and the preview window was gone. I clicked Post again on the main page. When I returned to the main Coffee Pot section, I then realized I had an identical post.

    Mods, can you delete the duplicate post? I cleared out most of the text. I also noticed a duplicate post last week about hunting in MD. I'm wondering if this is the reason why that one happened, too.


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    Done. For whatever reason it happens and always has. Some folks have posted three times in the past. At one time that was the most common task for Mods or Admins, deleating duplicate posts.
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