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  • Finishing Forum?

    Just a thought but would having a separate forum on finishing only make sense? If people are like me, they have a lot more knowledge in other areas and having a separate forum on the subject would make it easier to get smarter.

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    I think a finishing forum would be a good idea.
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      With the demise of the BT3xxx saw, I think it makes sense for the site to become even more of a general woodworking forum. I think a new Finishing forum is a great idea.

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        Nay! I would like to not see a finishing forum. I think when more forums are added it takes more time for me to read each new topic and/ or reply. Folks that read the forum only from the main page list of new posts will never notice that there is a new sub-forum until it is time for them to post a topic. With an additional forum and the way I read this forum, one sub forum at a time, it could take me longer to even notice a new topic which could cause the poster to not get input in as timely of a manner. IMHO finishing fits nicely in the "project related forum".

        The only two possible benefits that I can see would be: 1, it may make future searches faster and 2, it might make it easier for some users to find material to what their question is without having to post a question. The second of these two IMHO and expierence is unlikely as many times members post the same question over and over. For example how many times have you seen "what router to buy?"
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          I would put a finishing question in Project Related section. Seems like we would need to start breaking down the forums too much into specialties. I know that Woodnet does not have a finishing section but SMC does. I have not seen a huge volume of finishing related questions and think it may turn out to be as populated as the Turning section. Just my opinion though.