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Basic 2x4 + Particle Board Basement Shelving Plans?

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  • Basic 2x4 + Particle Board Basement Shelving Plans?

    I've built them in the past - some sagged. I've seen some plans on the web, with comments like 'you are putting the screws in a shear situation'. Not good.

    Does anyone have a link to a bare-bones basic construction for some basement shelving that seems to work well? I have the tools, I'm fine with complex cuts / looking forward to being efficient with material - just need to get to it quickly.

    We just moved. Visiting the lumberyard under Covid sucks.

    Cheers everyone - stay safe.

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    What are your sizes for this shelving unit? In our old home, I built storage units in the basement with 2x4 uprights and 2x4 horizontal shelf supports. Everything was glued and screwed together. The uprights were attached to the floor joists above and glued to concrete floor with construction adhesive. The shelves were 4’x4’ plywood with a 2x4 glued and screwed to the top back of the shelf and one glued and screwed to the bottom front of the shelf. The assembled shelves would then slide onto the horizontal shelf supports and could be slid out a bit to reach stuff stored in the back of the shelf. The 2x4 on the front of the shelf served as drawer pull of sorts. The shelves were stiffened/supported on all four sides and could support a lot of weight. Never took pictures of the shelving, sorry.
    i built a storage shelf for my new workshop using 1x12 lumber and 2x4 uprights. The unit is 7’ tall and 8’ wide. I used 2x4s for the uprights on the corners and there is a 2x4 on each corner and two spaced equidistance along the front (2 on the front and 2 on the back). The uprights were grooved for the shelves with a router. The unit was assembled with glue and screws. I also used a 1x12 for the end panels.
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      Particle board . . . I've seen some plans on the web, with comments like 'you are putting the screws in a shear situation'.
      Particle board and shelves don't do well unless it it supported by a 2/4 or at least a 2x2 frame UNDER it on all sides and a brace or two somewhere towards the middle. Particle board provides very little structural strength especially when laying horizontally with weight on top of it.

      And as to screws - there is no support, as there is no strength in particle boards other the glue(?) if there is any, that holds the particles together.
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