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    After many hours spent inside of Sketchup, on Google Image search, in the shop sitting on my keister staring at things...I think I'm ready to call this one done. Well, with the option to very gently massage dimensions. But the overall layout is, I think, complete.

    I'll come back in a bit and add images of how things are currently set up so you get an idea of the amount of change being made, but most everything revolves around changes to one wall.

    First up is the left wall. Status quo is the rule here, the router cubby in the render and the detailing crap-inet may move slightly. In the render you'll notice that the DP table and jointer intersect, but in real life it's fine.

    Next up is the right wall. Biggest thing here is you'll notice the creation of a AC cubbyhole, in an attempt to give it a permanent spot and to reduce slightly the noise. If it doesn't reduce the noise, it's right at the door and can go outside. The hose reel is right there next to it. Un-rendered, on top of the compressor compartment will be vertical scrap storage. I'm eliminating the cart of scrap that's stowed under the miter saw, so it has to go somewhere.

    The back wall is where the magic is going to happen. I wanted a bit more room to the right of my miter for cutting bigger pieces, storage for the planer and sander, and for all of the hand tools. The cubbies to the right are for two jigsaws and four drills on the bottom row. Second row is sander row - ROS (or two), corner cat, 1/4 sheet and belt. Top row is for recip and angle grinder stored vertically, and for something else or two in the large, unallocated spot.

    Also shown is my future wall mounted tool chest, for planes, chisels, files, etc. A saw till will go somewhere, perhaps over the miter saw. There will be a sandpaper organizer next to the cubbies, and my Worksharp 2k will sit on top of that. The right 'hole' in the floor cabinet will hold my sawhorses, the cabinet next to that will store my hardware organizers, the one next to that will have my socket set up top and regular drawers under that. I don't know what the drawer over the sander will hold, perhaps sanding blocks and etcetera. You'll note the Dewalt 735 that I will (I will, dammit!) have under the Hitachi 10" miter.

    I've left the proposed saw cabinet out because I want to see what room I have for my vac and separator once my Holtzapffel bench is built.

    Pics incoming shortly.
    I have a little blog about my shop