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  • Flooring

    I will be extending the floor of my shop area in my garage. I need it to be about 1 1/2 inches thick, so I was thinking of maybe OSB with a plastic wrap on the bottom for the bottom layer and plywood for the top layer. I would just screw the various pieces together. I would also interleave the pieces so that edges on the bottom and top pieces would not meet.

    Does this sound OK? Does anyone have alternate ideas?

    Tom Scanio

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    Tom, if there's any chance of the OSB getting wet, it wouldn't be a good choice. It will swell (big time), and probably crumble.

    Do you know about kickback? Ray has a good writeup here... https://www.sawdustzone.org/articles...mare-explained

    For a kickback demonstration video http://www.metacafe.com/watch/910584...demonstration/


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      I've used a product called Dri-Cor. It is basically a 2ft square, tongue and groove OSB panel that is treated and has a PVC backing that stands it off the floor, allowing for air circulation. It is made for damp invironments and is perfect for subfloor applications in garages and basement. Sells for about $5 a block. I used in my present home's basement with great results and I'm in the process of doing the recently purchased home basement. I think I spent about $500 to do the entire basement. They have excellent product support.

      It not only blocks any moisture penetration, but is also mold resistant, and improves the floor temperature by about 10 degrees F. You can install other flooring over the top of it if you wish. It's a lot better on the feet and legs than concrete.

      Here is a link to their web site: www.dricore.com

      I hope this helps,

      Think it Through Before You Do!


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        Thanks for the help.

        Tom Scanio