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Shelving for DVDs and for books without visible brackets

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  • Shelving for DVDs and for books without visible brackets

    My wife and I would like to install shelving around the entire main basement room for our books (mostly paperback novels, some hardbacks - ignoring reference books for now). We currently have them on some 18" deep fir sheathing plywood (double-stacked books) and brackets, but we want something a little nicer. We also want to do the same in the living room with DVDs and Blu-Rays.

    I'm open to all suggestions, but I'm guessing some sort of floating shelf idea is the best one, which would negate using 3/4" ply with a facing strip, I guess? The shelves only need to be deep enough for one hardback novel (about 7"), so not a lot of cantilevered weight, but the shelves themselves will be pretty long in places as we aim to fit the top shelf around 12" from the ceiling, then another shelf below that where needed.

    In a lot of places I can see online, the various floating shelf brackets can get up there in price, but I guess I can use the sagulator or similar to work out how many supports I'd need for the length of shelf and weight of books/discs.

    With enough supports, plain timber would presumably work just as well as plywood, but the thickness would depend on the attachment chosen, I guess? If I go thicker than 1", then some of the big orange or blue store French cleats might work, but would they be OK for shelving?

    I tried a quick search, but didn't see any similar projects already discussed.

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    you can make brackets out of wood too, but I don't see why French cleats wouldn't work. You might search on YouTube for tutorials. Good luck!
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      How many shelves are you placing vertically and we presume you are thinking about just a couple or more shelves hanging free on the upper walls and not standing bookcases? I've built a couple of fairly large library's but those are floor to almost ceiling shelving, which I'm imagining that you don't want. About the minimum of what I'm thinking is basically two-self, box-like shelf with two horizontals, with vertical end pieces which can be hung from a "French-cleat".

      More information please,

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