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Five Board Bench!

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  • Five Board Bench!

    Woke up and thought, "dang, I want to make something"

    It's pine (yuck!) ----- but hey ------- I'm making something.

    The astute observer will note ----- it really has six boards.

    Hey - I'm using pocket screws --- but if you have success with something else, let me know.

    five board bench in progress

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    ANY day you make something is a good day!
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      What sort of bench? To sit on, or to work on, or to just place things on?

      Reason to ask - not sure pocket screws can withstand too much lateral movement - like you would if you sit or work on it.

      Yes, I have made an Adirondack chair joined just with deck screws and it has held for more than a decade, so maybe you don't have to worry at all; but inquiring minds do ask...
      It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it.
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        Moving along


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          Here it is!


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            Looks great! Feels good to make something like that. I use pocket screws as much as possible too. Thanks for posting!

            The step stools I made were simple but they are the handiest things I have ever made. I use them ALL the time. Inside, outside.
            Hank Lee

            Experience is what you get when you don't get what you wanted!


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              Originally posted by durango dude View Post
              The astute observer will note ----- it really has six boards.
              Originally posted by durango dude View Post
              Here it is!
              OK, good, I can still count.

              Looks good to me. How long is the bench? We need a small bench near our entryway so I can sit and put on my shoes.


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                My bench is similar to the one made by Charles Neil in his 5 board video.

                I added the extra spreader for support.

                Theres also some 1x1 lengths underneath for structural support.

                You can certainly sit on it, and occasionally stand on it. Doubt Id dance on it.