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Wine bottle & glasses display stand

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  • Wine bottle & glasses display stand

    I have seen folks make display stands that slip over the neck of a wine bottle and are oval shape and hold 2 glasses or square and hold 4. I want to make some so do any of you folks happen to have a template or plan I could look at?


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    You said, a display stand that slips a display stand that slips over the neck and holds glasses...
    Then you would have to remove the wood and glasses to get to the wine bottle, right?
    If that's what you mean, it would be cumbersome. I did a quick search on amazon and found one
    like I think that you described on page 1

    While you're there check out thie caddy one on page 7 ... pretty nice.


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      I forgot this this more like what you mean? This is pretty nice.


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        There are tons online. I have seen a ton of Youtubers make them. This may be the first one I saw, so I will give David the credit:

        I am sure there are free plans and templates if you Google it.


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          This one? Not the best plans ever drawn but that is what I got when I made them. I have a couple of them made up. If I can lay my hands on them I will get some better measurements for you.
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