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BT3100, extra rails, etc. for sale

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  • BT3100, extra rails, etc. for sale

    Hi there, looking to reconfigure my shop and need to part with my BT3100 that I have had since around 2007. It has very little use as I have not had the time for this hobby I thought I would have, but a few issues that I know about:

    The power switch is always "on". this may be an easy fix but I haven't looked into it at all. I just unplug/plug the side receptacle when ready to make the cut.

    I lost the locking holder for the miter fence... the black plastic piece that actually holds it down. The pin is still in there and the rest of the sliding miter table is ok, but this has stopped me from cross cutting. Seems this piece is available from ebay but availability becoming more limited. I will make another college try to find it but it might be gone.

    There is at least one pad on the feet missing... very minor but an issue

    Nothing else I know about. All other parts are there, rails, rip fence, etc.

    Also, I have a set of extra rails that I bought for it.

    Saw is located in Saginaw Michigan area.

    Make me an offer on the saw, extra rails, etc. Local pickup preferred but I will entertain ideas on shipping things at actual cost. I have no idea what to price this at, and I will enter it in the annual community yard sales in a couple of weeks if I get no interest on here. Thought I might. I was active on here many years ago at BT3Central...

    Ask me questions, PM or reply, thanks!

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    Sold saw for $150. Found the miter fence holder, and fixed switch! Anyone interested in buying the extension rails?


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