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BT3000/3100 Dual Miter Slot Available/Rip Fence Wanted

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  • BT3000/3100 Dual Miter Slot Available/Rip Fence Wanted

    Hey all, I've got a BT3000/BT3100 Dual Miter Slot accessory available. It appears I'm unauthorized to attach photos (as a new user, I imagine?) but it's in pretty good shape, some dings/scratches, nothing that should interfere with use - if you send me a message I'm happy to email pics.

    Been a frequenter of this forum for almost two years since I bought my BT3000; it's certainly been a journey, but with help from this site/many upgrades/part replacements etc I've got mine running nicely and cutting accurately. As someone who's often been in the market for parts for these things, it strikes me as a little crazy that you can routinely find an entire machine on Craigslist for the same cost as a single part on eBay.

    With that in mind, I'm offering this here for about half what I'm seeing them elsewhere: $50 plus shipping. Alternately, as I'm in the market for a backup BT3000 rip fence, I'd be happy to do a straight trade.

    If anyone is interested, drop me a line - I've also got a couple other machines in varying states, so if there's other parts people are looking for let me know. Thanks - R

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    I may be interested...


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      I'll bite Do you take paypal