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BT3000/3100 Dual Miter Slot Available/Rip Fence Wanted

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  • BT3000/3100 Dual Miter Slot Available/Rip Fence Wanted

    Hey all, I've got a BT3000/BT3100 Dual Miter Slot accessory available. It appears I'm unauthorized to attach photos (as a new user, I imagine?) but it's in pretty good shape, some dings/scratches, nothing that should interfere with use - if you send me a message I'm happy to email pics.

    Been a frequenter of this forum for almost two years since I bought my BT3000; it's certainly been a journey, but with help from this site/many upgrades/part replacements etc I've got mine running nicely and cutting accurately. As someone who's often been in the market for parts for these things, it strikes me as a little crazy that you can routinely find an entire machine on Craigslist for the same cost as a single part on eBay.

    With that in mind, I'm offering this here for about half what I'm seeing them elsewhere: $50 plus shipping. Alternately, as I'm in the market for a backup BT3000 rip fence, I'd be happy to do a straight trade.

    If anyone is interested, drop me a line - I've also got a couple other machines in varying states, so if there's other parts people are looking for let me know. Thanks - R

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    I may be interested...


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      I'll bite Do you take paypal


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        I am ready to part out a BT3000 and a BT3100. I just have standard parts with both. Both still in working order. Some parts exhibit normal wear of course. They are both complete at this point. Much better pricing than on Ebay. In fact shipping will be the biggest cost for any part.
        You pay actual shipping costs. Not some bloated Ebay shipping and handling.


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          Hey, Luskateer/agerickson - sorry, forgot to check back here for a few days. I've got a friend who's interested in buying the whole BT3100 from me, waiting to see if he's serious otherwise the miter slot is still up for grabs - I do have Paypal. Will check back in again in a few days. Stynooner, do you have a BT3000 rip fence assembly available? How much are you asking?


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            Originally posted by eastwestjoinery View Post
            Stynooner, do you have a BT3000 rip fence assembly available? How much are you asking?
            Sorry that I missed this, but yes we still have a BT3000 rip fence. Shoot me an email or PM me for pricing, but the shipping will be more than what I need for the parts in every case.


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              Do you still have the mitre slot accessory?


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