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    Yes, it's all modular and all made of MDF. I know exactly how much stain grade kitchen cabinets cost, which is why I posted here in the first place. I couldn't believe how much it was. I could probably hire someone to hand carve everything from solid wood and it still wouldn't cost that much. Another thing that blew my mind was the finishes they had. I just so happened to pick their most popular color, but if I chose to go with a different color, the price dropped $9000, and if I didn't want lighting, that was another $8000. I know exactly how much LED strips cost too. The prices were ridiculous. It makes me want to start a closet design company. Obviously some people buy these or else none of these closet companies would exist.

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      Really? A "20’x11’ with 12’ ceiling" closet?

      Wow! And here we are in an old 1887, Victorian era built house with 3,000 sq ft, and the largest closet is 7 x 5 ft.; guess they didn't need that many clothes and shoes back then.

      My main 2nd floor library measures 20 x 14 ft, with 8 ft ceilings. It contains approximately 3,000 books, two large easy chairs a small central table, built-in media cabinet, and a flat-screen TV. I'm having sort of a moment as to what one needs a 20 x 11 ft closet for, but then again I'm not all that fashionable either.

      Glad you've worked it out for a much lower price than $49K though.

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