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    Hey all - I am trying to decide between two table saws (and have read a few online articles on how to). My only real question left at this point is, being that I have done NO woodworking at all, and considering most of what I will be making is simply shelving (at least initially), might I be better to by a BTS21 or a Ridgid TS2400LS. The Ridgid is obviously much better per consumer reprots, but is around $600, whereas the Ryobi is about $300. My reason for asking is, if in due time I want a much better saw, I might dispose of either one. So, is the $300 difference worth it for a newbie. Consider space is a major issue and the fact that I already have a router which I plan to use quite a bit. (I have seen references that the BTS21 takes a router whereas the Ridgid does not.

    Any comments appreciated - thanks a lot!

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    I'd buy a Craftsman 21829, which is essentially a BT3100 on a collapsible, rolling stand. It often goes on sale for about $350 and is a much more substantial saw than the Ryobi, IMO. The Ridgid also looks nice, but doesn't have the built-in router table and is significantly more expensive.


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      the Ridgid is actually $450 regularly priced. Don't bother with the Ryobi. You should look at the Craftsman 21829, mentioned above.

      It's $359 if you're a craftsman club member. $399 if not, but it does go on sale for $350.


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        You don't list where you live, but you would be better off looking for a lightly used BT3100 or get the new Craftsman 21829 as others have said. You just missed a brand new BT3100 that was listed in the member classifieds here a few days ago for $250 in Ohio. For your needs, the Craftsman might be best due to the folding feature that would keep it out of your way most of the time when you don't need to use it.


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          Austin Craigslist

          Again, not sure where you are from but this BT3100 is on Austin's CL for $250 plus a router.

          Good luck!


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            Why by twice if you plan on doing more in the future. Buy higher, it's cheaper and when you watch for the Ridgid sales it's even more of a bargain. But remeber, there's no wrong choice here.