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  • Picnic table

    Productive day. Made this from pics. More carpentry than woodworking.... but still satisfying. Miter saw did most of the work. Humorous mistake... all I bought was 2x6s. Plans called for 4 pieces of 2x4. I cut the 2x6 to 4", forgetting that a 2x4 isn't 2x4.
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    Looks Great. Many years ago, a cousin without any woodworking skills bought a set of plans and borrowed a few tools from me, and asked for woodworking tips. He made a beautiful work and I was in awe of his first work. He followed the plans to the "T". The pict of your work reminds me of His. Great looking work!
    Hank Lee

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      I built the table upside down. The most satisfying part was flipping it over... and finding absolutely no wobble. I shouted "yes!!"..... neighbor looked over fence and asked if I still had 10 fingers.


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        No wobble? Maybe you just had it on the right part of the deck where the unlevel planks matched the table legs!

        Kidding! Great looking table.
        Don, aka Pappy,

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          Looks great!!
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