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A wedding gift for my brother and new wife

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  • A wedding gift for my brother and new wife

    A few years back, my brother's wife tragically was diagnosed with a cancerous brain tumor and passed away after a few months of struggle. When they were first married, I made what could be considered my first woodworking project. I was living in an apartment and had no tools, so it was pretty limited, but I made a rudimentary wood base, and with a trumpet and some lamp parts turned it into a trumpet lamp. It was touch sensitive so you could touch any part of the trumpet to turn on the light.

    Well this past weekend he got remarried, and I wanted to do something to commemorate it even though it was a "no gifts" wedding .I eventually came up with a clock. I did it in mission style, out of quarter sawn oak, a maple clock face, and walnut accents. I found a nice electronic chiming mechanism that actually sounds realistic and based it around that. The design was my own, with heavy inspiration from pics online.

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    Here are some build photos


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      What an exquisite workmanship! That already looks a heirloom! Great job!

      And what a nice gesture to make his new bride feel welcome!
      Looking at your work it seems impossible, but the thought was even better than the actual gift!

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        Superb work! I love the wood - especially the wood choice for the clock face! A great gift to commemorate the marriage.


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          Terrific work there, Mr. Fisher!

          Splendid gift, and one that will be a very classic touch to their home, I'm sure that will be a very long remembered gift and certainly a piece that will in enjoy some heritage.

          Thanks for posting for us to see, and Happy New Year to you and your family,

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            Very well executed! Nice work!
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              That looks great! I love clocks. That was a perfect gift.
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                Thank you everyone! This was definitely a fun build.

                Have a few projects lined up for the next couple months once I can get past some non-woodworking projects and into the shop again. Looking forward to it!