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First it was a clock

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  • First it was a clock

    Ten years ago I purchased a 1950's Bulova clock for 2.00 at a yard had a nice face and had Westminister chimes.
    The case was brass and was all pitted, so we made this case from QS white oak and walnut.
    Recently, the chimes stopped, then the clock stopped working.
    We tried to repair it, but it was a no go...
    So, I thought about making it a picture frame. I always loved this pic of our beagle CJ,
    that was taken when he was a pup. Click image for larger version

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    I'm happy that we were able to repurpose the clock case.
    He's been gone for 8 years now, but this pic of him brings back good memories.

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    Nice project


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      That looks so good! You are giving me ideas, thanks!
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        That does look great. Great idea too. Did you also make the Hummels workbench?


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          Thanks Tfischer, radhak, and Stytooner for your nice comments.

          No Stytooner, the workbench was a gift made by a friend from another forum
          as a 'jewelry workbench' for my earrings and bracelets that I throw on
          top of my desk each night. I once lost a small stud earring and found it months later
          inbetween the tambour wood slats. The ladies workbench jewelry box was a
          wonderful surprise. The little carpenter Hummel I happen to already have,
          so it was a natural pairing. I'll get a pic later when I get home.

          As far as decorative picture frames, I can think of a few designs that would be
          lovely for pictures frames that can be hung on the wall. It would be a small
          project that would utilize a lot of scrap wood.


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            Very nice! Excellent re-purposing

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              Originally posted by BadeMillsap View Post
              Very nice! Excellent re-purposing

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              Thanks BladeMillsap, I miss the clock and the Westminster chimes though.
              I'm always trying to scurry up clock faces at yard sales and good will stores,
              as I love making clocks.


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                This is a closeup of the little workbench made for me by a forum member.
                It was such a nice thing for him to do. I treasure it.
                The pull out drawer is for earnings.


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                  That is very cool. Excellent work by the member and pairing with the figurine. I cannot let the LOML see stuff like this.


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                    That is very nice indeed! Everything looks so neat together.

                    The picture of your CJ brings back fond memories of my beagle "Corky" from long ago. Got him when I was 14 and he was my most loved companion until I was 22.... a rush of great memories when I saw your CJ's picture. The frame is most fitting.

                    Thanks so much for the post,

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                      Thank's Stytooner, I have several examples of pairing Hummels with other stuff. It's so fun to do.
                      CW, We're always had Beagles, The head Guy around here,(my husband) got his first Beagle 'Rip' when he was four
                      he had him for sixteen years. Since he was an only child, he told me Rip was like a brother to him.

                      My first Beagle was Patch, (after we got married) I loved him to pieces, even though he's been gone for
                      many years, I still feel his spirit in the house. Crazy, I know. I have another pic I'll post later of Patch with our
                      youngest son when he was about three.
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                        Click image for larger version

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ID:	831689 Our Beagle Patch with photo pairing of boy and dog Hummel.
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                          Very nice. I like the way you put things together to enhance everything.

                          One of the nice things (many) that I appreciate about this forum is the sharing of feelings about our pets. It's always nice to see, even when they may pop up in another subject. Somewhere in the near future, If I can find the time, I should post some memories about my beagle. While I know it's a woodworking forum, I think that having such a subject would give us all a chance to post about the dogs that have brought so much into our lives. I think it would be memorable reading.

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                            Click image for larger version

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ID:	831697 I agree, a thread on our shop buddies.
                            my niece just got a min pin yesterday, he's adorable 3 lbs...8 weeks old

                            meet Louie...
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