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White Ash and Padauk Candle holder for 3inch wide pillar candles

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  • White Ash and Padauk Candle holder for 3inch wide pillar candles

    Recently finished up this little project, I was inspired by some pieces I saw in the department stores recently while seeing the Thanksgiving stuff on display. This is a turned item, and my next project video. Thanks for looking!
    Bill in Buena Park

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    Bill, another good one.

    Is your DC on when you're turning the ash column? Does it help? After my little foray into turning, it seems like most of the chip action happens in the front. I almost wish I had a dust hose attached to my chisel holding arm.


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      Very nice candle holder. I enjoyed the video!
      Hank Lee

      Experience is what you get when you don't get what you wanted!


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        Thanks guys.

        Paul, yes, the DC is on during the spindle turning (and the overhead air filter), but large chips/shavings do escape. With that PSI dust hood on there, the directed airflow tends to capture most of the small chips and dust, which helps keep the airbornes down. The bigger stuff (which you can see piled on the lathe bed and chest underneath) I separately vacuum up with the DC (Rockler Dust-right "Floor sweep" wand thingy - link below.)
        Leave shop floors spotless with this innovative 3-piece system. One end of the included Dust Right Handle attaches directly to standard 4 hose ...
        Bill in Buena Park