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His and hers......

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  • His and hers......

    About a year ago, I began a painful journey through divorce.
    Unfortunately, I live in a 1 BR apartment in Wheeling ----- with no room for equipment.
    However, I AM just an hour and a half from Woodcraft in Parkersburg.
    So -------- to test out a new friendship, I arranged for us to have a date to a pen turning class.
    It was nice sharing an interest!

    Click on the photo to get a bigger image.

    On the left - ambrosia maple (me); redheart (hers).

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    Date at a pen turning class... Gives a whole new dimension to the slippery slope that is wood turning! So the pens are nice, tell is about the other part!


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      Common hobbies are great to build relationships upon. Glad to see you again. Been a bunch of months since you last posted.

      Great looking pens. What is it about padauk that makes it the choice for so many first time pens? It was mine too!
      Hank Lee

      Experience is what you get when you don't get what you wanted!


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        Very nice. I like that "hers" is curvier than "his"


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          Originally posted by atgcpaul View Post
          Very nice. I like that "hers" is curvier than "his"
          I noticed that as well, nicely done. Good luck on the new girlfriend.
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            Brief update ------ still dating. We're re-finishing an old cedar chest that we found -------- cross your fingers I hear
            finishing can be like hanging wall paper!


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              Nice pens...good luck in the new relationship.