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  • Router cubby

    I had inspiration for this project a few weeks ago from a Google image search result - a place to store my router bases. The website is here and shows the inspiration:

    I liked the idea of the cutout for the bits, and designed my own version. I didn't need that many spots and I didn't have the room for it anyway. This is the first project I created in Sketchup first then translated to the real world. This is also the first project I've done that turned out entirely as expected without any mistakes. I routinely make math errors, and I think laying it out virtually helped reduce those errors.

    I still almost made one anyway. I set the dado up the first time and accidentally had the blade raised to the height of the material instead of the correct height for the dado. Luckily I caught that.

    Here is the model:

    And here it is translated to the real world:

    And the link to the model:

    I think if I ever redo it I will make the shelves two inches wider. But other than that, I'm extremely happy with it.
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    I like it. Nice work.


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      Thanks. Function over form on this one. May take awhile to get it up on the wall, have to move some stuff around.
      I have a little blog about my shop


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        That is a great build! Looks nice, Does it go to the floor, or attach to a backboard? I seen the pics, But I guess I didn't pay attention. Great idea: Looked at it again. I like Your shop . looks like You have things organized nicely
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          Nice Sketchup and nice execution.


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            Very nice work! Impressed by you spending time to do the Sketchup even for a shop piece.

            And thanks for the link - seems a nice blog to follow.
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              Thanks for the kind words. Since I sit on a computer all day for my real job, I find I have a lot of time to do research and can do Sketchup mockups to save me time out in the shop. I get so little time out there.

              Here's a pic of it mounted on the wall:

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              I have a little blog about my shop