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    To be able to pick a unique piece of wood - and use all of it to make something like this....well done!

    You've showcased the wood's best characteristics - and made an heirloom piece...

    She will love it forever...


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      Great material selection and superb workmanship. I'll give you an "A!"


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        I am in awe. Very nice work. Your choice of material and the lay out is far better than anything I ever came up with. Question: I couldn't tell from the pictures but how did you put a stop on the lid. Is it the back side hitting square on the lid? Great job!

        Dare to dream and dare to fail.


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          Thanks everyone for all of the fine compliments. I will try to answer some of the questions raised.

          The maple came from Goby's Walnut Store in Portland, OR. They do carry maple and if you look through their stock you can usually find wider pieces, wider than 12 or 13 inches. The piece I picked had plenty of grain and was slightly splatted. I do have a thickness planer (DW735) so machining the wood was not too difficult. I was down there in January with my truck and I could not stand the thought of driving back with an empty cargo bed.

          The box is my own design, although there really is nothing terribly original there. Just bits and pieces from pictures and plans. The drawers and top are held shut with strategically placed rare-earth magnets. It takes only a slight amount of pull to open the drawers and a little more than that to open the top. I did include a "secret compartment" but that's between me and the grand daughter.

          The back of the lid is beveled so it rests on the back surface of the box, at a comfortable angle for viewing in a mirror that is yet to be installed. I want to install a chain, but the lid is thin enough that I need to think about how to do it.

          Brass knobs on the drawer fronts are from Lee Valley and the hinge is from a local hardware store.

          Thanks again for all of the compliments.

          Regards, Steve.